Part-Time Rockstar Dental Hygienist Needed!

  • Piatt Park Dental
  • 19 Garfield Place Ste 215, Cincinnati, OH, USA
  • Jun 23, 2020
Hygienist Full time Part time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Job Description

Small boutique dental practice in downtown Cincinnati is seeking a part-time dental hygienist 2 days/week. 🦷

At Piatt Park Dental, our goal is to grow through strong relationships with patients and the community to become the best dental office in Cincinnati. We understand that the only way to do this is to have, support, and keep the best team possible.

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We are considering entry level graduates with great people skills, work ethic, and positive attitude as well as experienced hygienists with the same qualities. We are committed to personal and professional growth in our team members and are active in team training at least typically once per week.


  1. No nights, no weekends, we value work life balance our schedule is 8am-5pm with one hour lunch
  2. Choose which 2 days M-R work for you, opportunity to move to 4 days/week as the practice grows if you choose
  3. Paid Parking downtown next to building with cameras and security
  4. 60 minute recare appts, 90 minute new pt appts
  5. Teamwork culture - right now everyone in our team asks each other if they need help if someone is running behind. This is a excellent dynamic and produces a tight-knit team that trusts each other to work together towards our common goal: excellent patient care and experience. Unless restricted by law, no job is "below" anyone else to help out, it is part of our culture which is fiercely protected. It is very special and important to us.
  6. Honest feedback and openness about our appreciation
  7. You are a licensed professional and will be treated as such, you will never be criticized in front of a patient.
  8. Base hourly rate or percent of adjusted production, whichever is higher
  9. Get in on the ground floor - Opportunity for collaboration, an atmosphere open to new ideas. Work together with owner dentist to establish perio guidelines for srp and perio referral. I want to use your expertise.
  10. As long as you can still provide value through helping the team, the office, working on additional training or ce, we will not take away hours when a patient cancels or there is a schedule opening.
  11. Flexibility to choose your own instruments, if we don't have what you need to do your job we will order it, if the instruments we have are beyond what you can work with we will replace or get re-tipped. (within reason)
  12. We have all digital charting with digital x-rays, we like technology and are moving forward in that direction. We use Open Dental and Dexis.
  13. Large hygiene room with large arched window, beautiful North facing sunlight that you don't have to adjust the blinds all day
  14. Office is being renovated piece by piece over time, most recently sterilization was redone to accommodate GFCI outlets for safety, working on plans for reception area renovations this fall
  15. Friendly atmosphere
  16. No office manager, dentist-owned, dentist-run practice
  17. Regular team meetings to discuss growth and solve problems
  18. Concrete marketing plan to address upcoming "lull" in hygiene appointments this fall caused by Covid shut down
  19. This is a genuinely a great place to work, my team has a lot of heart.


  1. Do what is right by the patient - Our job is to be honest with our patients and do our best for them. Our philosophy is that if you take care of people, they will take care of you too. This is absolutely a business and we need to function like one, but we use service goals instead of dollar amount goals.
  2. Show up, be pleasant, and communicate well
  3. Positive energy, open to new ideas - we are a new office putting in systems and growing everyday so the way we do things now may not be the way we do them 6 months from now. As we grow in numbers, we also grow as a practice to better ourselves. We believe in replacing "I can't" with "How can I?"
  4. Participation on our website and social media as well as team training and meetings
  5. Because we are a small office and do not take hours away from our team, we ask that last minute days off are kept to a minimum for illness and family emergencies only. We also plan our vacations 6 months out because we do not function well when even one person is out.
  6. A team player - We believe that no one person in our team is more important than anyone else. We all help each other out to reach our common goals and it goes both ways. We have a current culture where you help out your team and they do the same for you. Anyone who cannot fit in with this culture will not last long in this position and should look elsewhere as my current team really enjoys this very much and I take that part of our culture very seriously. I would rather have no one than someone who upsets this balance because we have seriously awesome genuinely wonderful people working here.
  7. I have a low-key management style that depends on the trust that everyone is working toward the same goals of excellent patient care and great experiences, trying their best, and effectively doing their jobs and seeking help if they realize they need it. But in the beginning, I ask for patience. In the beginning of this position, you will feel micromanaged because that trust must be built. Realize that this is no reflection on you, but this is because I love our office, my team, and these patients. I don't like to micromanage, once trust is established I won't be looking over your shoulder unless something goes funny with the metrics so we can figure out together what's going on and a good solution for it.


  1. Please find a list of Covid extra steps we are taking on our blog here:
  2. We offer N95s with level ones to go over them or Level 3s and face shields depending on your preference, we want you to change your outer-most mask for every patient and do not ask that you wear the same one all day
  3. Something we have added since our blog post is fogging our rooms every evening with HOCl to disinfect the air in the practice as recommended by Kois
  4. We have a new HVAC system that was installed in May so it is at peak performance
  5. Our front office coordinator uses screening questions for confirming every appointment
  6. We take temperatures daily for all team members and for every patient walking in

I look forward to hearing from you!

-Dr Alex Wenzel, Piatt Park Dental in Downtown Cincy

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